How to Remove Windows Health Center – Get Rid of Windows Health Center Easily

Get Rid of Windows Health Center Easily

Windows Health Center is the latest batch of malware that you should know about. It is created by the same hackers who brought us Windows AntiSpyware Solution and Windows Optimization Suite. These are all fake antivirus program that simply try to entice you to buy their “full version”. Don’t trust them and don’t download their products because they are fake. What you need is the right knowledge how to remove Windows Health Center. Otherwise, you are going to be sorry when you get infected by these viruses. Let’s see how to remove Windows Health Center.

This virus is, according to experts, a type of rogue antispyware program. It claims to target Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers mainly. It enters your system via Trojans and spreads through various means such as working email attachments, downloading files, accessing malicious websites and even through a security breach on your computer. But the kill shot is when you visit a malicious website and click the displayed banner. This redirects the browser to this unwanted site and hence gains access to your PC.

Once installed on your PC, you may appear to be working fine one day Suddenly your PC slows down to a crawl. Now you know that something is wrong with your system. While viruses and spyware can cause serious damages to your PC, this is something you can handle easily. If you are a PC expert then you know that detecting spyware or adware is not an easy task. It’s time you end those annoying problems and frustrations. It’s time to protect your PC from malicious threats. It’s time to get out of the 8-ball world of computer viruses and enter the 21st century.

A good protection program will detect and remove all the WinPCleaner files, sockets and entries. It also deletes the registry entries of this rogue anti-spyware program. Finally, it will remove the its related files and processes from your computer. This is how you can safeguard your computer from such malicious threats.

But before you start with the WinPCleaner removal, you should have a short explanation of what it is. WinPCleaner is rogue anti-spyware program that appears as a legitimate program and gets entered in your system manually without any notification. It receives related information from the users via survey and sends it to unknown parties via email. Apart from WinPCleaner, there are other similar rogues which may be downloaded on your system without you knowing. Some of these unknown threats may be downloaded automatically when you visit unknown jayapoker sites.

Removal Instructions

You can remove WinPCleaner either manually or by using any of the available removal tools. To remove it manually, you need to:

1. Block website.
2. Search for malware process called wextract.exe and kill it using Task Manager.
3. Unregister WinPCleaner DLL files
4. Delete folder called WinPCleaner in the system root.
5. Delete associated Virus Remover 2009 in directories:%\WINDOWS%\system32%UserProfile%\Application Data\
6. Delete the registry entries of WinPCleaner in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER folders.
How to Remove Windows Health Center
To remove it using a removal tool you need to:

1. Search for any malware using extensive expertise in registry editing.
2. Remove all the WinPCleaner files.
3. Delete the registry entries of WinPCleaner in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER folders.

Key features of the removal tools include: safe removal of spyware, active protection to guard your computer from malicious threats, precise control of PC monitoring tool to prevent malicious installs, fast scanning speed and more.