The Secret To Beating The Odds At Any Bet You Make – Raise, Fold, Call & More

The Secret To Beating The Odds At Any Bet You Make - Raise, Fold, Call & More

We are at a pivotal point in the game of Hold ‘Em poker. Please believe me when I say that this is the time to play aggressively, raise with premium hands and be a threat to your cartoon-suit opponent at the same time.

Too many open-ended straight bets and hands where the flop completely missed the nut, full-house, flush, straight,vation or four of the kind and just because you got a piece of the flop doesn’t mean its going to happen.

Just because you made a pre-flop raise doesn’t mean you’ll get a call.

Here I am referring to playing very strong hands pre-flop to try and scare the other players out of the hand by its very nature, not necessarily to get them to fold. You want to make a pre-flop raise and be taken back by your opponent.

So many times your hand is strong and you raise, they think they have you pegged and call you. The flop, a low card, a gutshot straight, flush draw, low pair, high pair all kinds of things. Your spoilt for choice and hoping for a quick eight or river.

Then what happens is you get called and the flop, a blank, is revealed to be a low card. If you’re a big stack player and things don’t look too hot for you, you are at the mercy of your hand right now. You have to make a decision. You can either keep playing your hand or get out of it.

Playing a hand just because it is big and important at the start versus later on, in this case, you should get out of the hand. Small pairs get so priced in during the early rounds that you are taking a lot of risks with your chip stack in the early stages. How much stake are you willing to take these kinds of risks for?

If you don’t want to take the risk of losing a tournament that you otherwise would have played, then I think the advice from this article is really going to help with those decisions.

My Dewacasino Tournament Strategies Tips For Going All-In Pre-Flop.

Bonds, KdTs, QTs – You really want to go all in before the flop. If you are in late position and no one has raised you may want to do the risk because you might get a call. Also, you really want to bet the minimum amount; you want to get a good number of players involved so that you are getting the most value out of your hand.

ably, if you have pocket tens, you really want to push on a flop with a strong flush draw because you are basically set to go all-in. You could get a small bet, maybe two or three big blinds, and your risk at this point is relatively small. Or, you could make a big bet and then, no matter what happens, you will get a call.

And, you know what, you might even get three bet. It doesn’t matter how many blinds it is. Three bets is a lot. Even if you get called you have a strong hand. You’ll still have the best hand. If you are called, you still have an advantage because you are the first to act. You could still get a very tight player in front of you if no one else has bet, so you want to make sure you are aggressive when you make your move.

No matter what happens, make sure you have a hand that does well in multi-way pots. You might have a monster, you might not, but the more players in the pot, the better. They can double up, you could get knocked out, and you wouldn’t be able to just pick up your chips in a cash game. Be aggressive, especially towards the end of the tournament.

Last thing to remember – you win big pots or you lose, it doesn’t matter. Make sure you are taking advantage of the players that go all-in because it doesn’t matter if you win the pot, you lose it, too.