Professional Gambling – What the Heck’s a “Medium”?

Professional Gambling - What the Heck's a "Medium"?

If you’re a sports fan, odds are pretty good that you’ve heard the expression “it’s a war of attrition” before. It’s a little like that. It’s a war of attrition in gambling, basically, because the house always wins.

We’ve all seen the high-fives in DewaGG, theasty-birdy wide receivers, the outstanding point guard or two, the masterful mid-range jumpers, and the brilliant three-pointers. But, in my opinion, there’s just as much truth to the phrase “it’s a war of attrition” in gambling, especially if you’re talking about sports betting.

This could get tricky, so here’s a basic rule about professional gambling: The more effort you put into your handicapping, the more you’ll win. I certainly don’t mean to sound too cutting to the bone, but it’s easier to win when you’re just throwing the dice against the house than it is to win when you’re really predicting the outcome of specific games.

Seem too reversalary to say, “but they’re the best team “! While it’s true that the line on a particular game is subject to popular opinion, that popular opinion doesn’t always turn out to be the wiser. Smart handicapping is the key to winning, and the more you put into your study, the more you’ll win.

Consider professional gamers John and Ken Martz. For the last twenty years they’ve been doing exactly this. They study the Entry and Success fully, and bet against the public. They’re not perfect. Sometimes they’re way off. But over any given tennis tournament, the Martz boys will have a better-than-average flush draw, and booming foresight save for a%, so you can’t blame them for sounding like a broken record to anybody.

These are, of course, far from the only people who’ve made this profession a vocation, but it’s worth noting that in this particular sport, the players who get the least amount of practice tend to win. Just as certain basketball teams will have a better Training camp, therefore earn a better start over the opponent, so it’s no wonder professional gamblers make more money than analysts.

This is only a suggestion. While it might be very difficult to convince somebody to bet against his favorite team, it’s not impossible. You’re not predicting the end of the world, just trying to suggest that you might make a few units over the course of a particular season, in proportion to the public’s perception of a team’s chances.

Past performance, not future guarantees

Many fans and even professionals are tempted to weigh future disappointment down on their favorite team. It’s tempting, but it’s illogical.

In our view, the line isn’t fixed. Some seeds are more likely to dominate the mixed rounds, but we’re talking tennis here. It’s perfectly possible that after two years on the album, that Cinderella story of the year could change dramatically. It’s also entirely possible that, come darned November, the tea party will still be going strong.

Unlike football and baseball, tennis presents relatively little margin of victory. Anyone with supernieces has a 99.9% chance of defeat at any point on a set. Variety and match results also mean that favorites can lose the second set in a match many times despite appearing to be almost a sure beaten.

Even if you’re not Dutch and think you can make money betting on soccer, we’d recommend throwing your money away on any bet that involves the Tennis sport.

You are never going to make any money

Making money betting on tennis matches is incredibly difficult to come across. Even the world’s best players can easily lose their serve or return the Favorites. How can you ever be sure that your picks and the ones being offered are not the most likely to win? Therefore it can be extremely risky to bet on tennis regardless of the system that you follow.

Many tennis betting sites will post what the odds are, you can usually pick out a reasonable tennis consensus.